Dream Into Reality

Society demands
only the good and not the bad
yet never either one alone, could do
for this division has been cast in stone
desiring a clone
instead of what is real

and then within the light, a rose
impeccable within its pose
unfurled its many petals

Satin soft, with scent so sweet
that heart began to beat
in rhythm - gentle, yet complete
and words of love began to flow

arising from the glow
of petals so intense, in red
uniting with the gold
there, within its very center
asleep, until with dawn
a pure, white light
blends within the reds
creating every hue imaginable

and a knowing clarity arose
a clarity composed of dark and light
mysteriously right
within a flowing moment
of starlight glowing without end

that blends with moon and sky
becoming bright and sparkling morn
as the light of sunshine
spawns the starlight singing

for the light of morn is bringing
every dream of night
into the vast entirety
of the reality of form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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