Dreams Come True

We must aspire
to be more than anyone
has ever told us we can be
to reach and touch infinity
and know, at last, of truth
that lives in realms invisible
to mortal sight

and yet we touch
in intimate embrace
this grace of purity
as energy takes form
at first, in just a feel
before the visions become real
and then in ever-surging being
willing love to come to be
within all being's mystery

when angels come to visit
in this night that has no end
and starlight sends a haunting melody
out into the winds
that morning always sings alive again
for these dreams we dream
are truly the beginning
of the all and everything

inspired by the earth and air
imbued with grace as fire flares
because a star, one star
shot through the sky tonight
while the moon, so near the full
lent its ambiance to flight

and dewdrops dreamt
as we all do
of yet another morning when
these dreams we dream
come true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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