Dreams Made Real

I wonder through these days
of endless motion
searching for a meaning to it all
within the rise and fall
of each step taken
as I seek to bring
these many streams of motion
into harmony

More and more, as time goes on
I find this life is spun of dreams
born of a great imagining of life
for movement flows
from some mysterious glow
of which we're never quite aware

Is it there
within the starlight streaming down
that meaning's found?

Or here
within a heart that loves
in quiet moments of release?
when our guard is finally down
and faces worn within the day
just fade away into the night

and this great imagining of dreams
up and takes to flight
building with this starlight
each new dawn
for are not tomorrows
ever born of dreams?

Then I wonder if this endless quest
will find the source of dreams
and realization dawns
as spirit lies its hand within my own
and something that I've never known
arises in new flows of energy

Do I just imagine this?
that life is born
within the motion and the feel
of dreams made real
as day dreams of the flows of night
and motion melds with light
to make it real


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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