Already I feel you slipping the bounds
of the intimate and soul-filled bonds
that we have shared
Even now I feel your focus, care

turning to so many other things
and I wonder what joy it can bring
to simply drift away
engrossed in some display

of fantasy
built upon complicity
of a culture that destroys
the awe-inspiring, natural joys

of life's creation
for a momentary satiation
projecting out potential found
within the inner rounds

from which they flee
where life means more than just to be
another member of a group
that follows endless loops
of their denial

as more and more, you move away
into another pre-planned day
of spirit's death
when we ought to intermesh

into the weave
Instead you walk, you run, you flee
as if responsibility
could overturn eternity
in time


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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