Where does it stem from
this pain that we feel?
What does it become
as the light of morning steals
into the curtained room?
Does light signify its doom?

Why are you here?
It seemed so clear
yesterday in wait's anticipation
yet what really was the inclination
that brought you back to me?

Was it love or merely fantasy
in magnified attraction
or perhaps a strong reaction
to the utter loneliness
we sometimes feel?

Do you see me now
for who I am somehow?
and thus draw away in sleep
where once your feelings deep
kept both of us awake

Our passion seems at stake
this time around
yet all that I have found
in years of searching endlessly
for the source of magic's destiny
is this

I am no magic, mystic being
I have no crystal ball for seeing
future growing from the present
yet this, the hour of your descent

takes us away
from the laughter and the play
that we once knew
What is this love that we call true?

perhaps it is that we of mortal stance
desiring its dance
simply try to justify
with words like truth or lie

the experience of underlying
unity as spirits sing
in harmony as one
or are the gods just having fun

at our expense
watching our exasperation
as we drift through the duration
of our lives . . .

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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