Dusk Descends

Dusk descends
so softly that the sun
sinks out of sight unnoticed
for the birdsong in the air
overrides what is in sight

while there, within the dusty light
white flowers on the vine
still shine in growing luminescence
of the stars and then the moon
that always seems to sink to soon
on the horizon

A summer, lover's moon it is
that brings alive this need
to hold a hand and then to place
my lips upon those loving lips of yours
obliterating thought and words
as feeling becomes everything that is

We wonder then within the dark
guided by a spark that quickly turns to flame
within the warm, wet summer's wind
as humidity just softens everything
these hands, these lips
become forever kisses on this night

and what we've found together
will ever be enough
for never will there be
another love so true and free
as what has grown 'tween you and me
as dusk descends so softly
and we dream . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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