Earthen Form

To drink from stream so pure, so clear
the melting snow from cliff so sheer
The hand of God in earthen form
nurturing beyond the norm

of man-made power, human mind
as questioning, we find
the answer that was always there:
we live, we love, we dare

Dare to bring the two to one
Dare design life being spun
of gossamer and fairytales
on the wings of a golden dragon sail

To the epitome of life lived well
as on the ocean, water swells
creating ebb and flow of tide
felt now, forever, worldwide

as push and pull of grace descending
in cycles that are never-ending
speaking universal tones
as sunrise, now awakened, shone

upon this land of make-believe
of sheer abundance now conceived
as the greatest gift the world has known
a seed that grew, as sunshine's tone

played iridescent harmony
a facet of the jewel to be
become the crown of life lived true
eternal love is flowing through

each mattered form, each heart and soul
as one great entity, now whole
heals the heart of every wound
with the song of the morning's tune

as mortal ear attuned that finally heard
and humanity allowed to add the words
of meaning brought down from above
in infinite, eternal love…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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