Earthen Deity

The trees have not yet lost their leaves
yet still the Northern winds blow in
howling as temperatures begin to dive
to below a tolerance as autumn dies
yet so much we know of life survives

Frost-induced, illusions shatter
within the icy chill that seeps into
even the rooms of mankind's making
and minds that rarely take the time to fly
while heat, induced by dire desire for life
is created and rechanneled

to keep these hearts alive
until the spring can break again
as earth shares its warmth
to keep its seeds alive
and these seeds of all
her love and destiny go on

incubating in enclosures
that keep the blasts of numbness
just at bay
yet still its chill will creep into
the very attitude of air we breathe

But look! the birds still dare to fly
into the icy climbs of clear blue skies
soaring with the wind of freedom's wings
So too, our love shall rise above it all
inspired by a heat so deep
it turns the icy climbs to living springs

and we go on
living life in every breath we take
giving and receiving
all the blessing of intention
that springs from deity
within the supernatural powers
of this earthen deity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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