Earth trembles, buildings shake
as from the heart of earth, a quake
rises to the surface of this form
altering the world being born

catching the attention of the mind
warning of the danger one might find
if intellect were all there was
that mind might search for cause
of fear's effect

Bodies tremble, loosening
the tension of the speed that brings
vibrations to a high crescendo
as base becomes the afterglow

echoing throughout the deep
mysterious caverns where we keep
secrets that have never been disclosed
hiding from the greater system's prose

and flesh is moved beyond the will
then stillness reigns until
the aftershock begins
that no one may pretend

this great orgasmic fear away
for fear of death becomes the light of day
reborn at deepest levels
of cells too deeply settled

then awareness of the numinous
permeates the spurious
façade of life that's built
upon the base of guilt

of ancient days belief
and quaking brings relief
as spirit is reborn in flesh
and emotion led to intermesh

in ordered patterns' static quality
that love might sate the poverty
of cultural indictments found
in shadowed corners of the round
of life...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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