Edge of the Earth

At the edge of the earth
the bounty of life is begun
and sirens beckon softly
on gentle waves that lap and lick
and tease with tender ease
sparkling on the ocean's waves
and there, within the hidden caves
that only creatures of the sea inhabit

and some part of my soul
wants to go with the flow
as the undertow mysteriously
pulls the threads of secrecy apart
but another wave will hold me back
for there is yet more beauty to behold

See it, as the sun sets there
horizons wait in hues of rose and gold
for our embrace
beyond the facets and the face
we thought we knew
for within the endless ocean's blue
lie skies yet unexplored
and my spirit longs for more
even as this beauty overwhelms

Beyond reality of realms we know
are treasures that will grow eternally
always just beyond our grasp
that turn to ash within a clasp
so approach life with an open hand
and set the sparks of spirit flying free
becoming one with all eternity

at the edge of the earth
yet centered within
this cosmos, as the world spins
with us


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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