Electronic Nuance

Stuck, unmoving energy
unable to advance within a state
of electronically illuminated darkness.
Trying and yet failing
to bring an understanding
into the depth of cellular participation,
that can never quite be reached
within the height of sight thatís seen
through to utter truth of focused clarity
of day.  And yet it lies there still,
in waiting, just beyond the tunnel vision
of the mind.

Oh heart, as yet unuttered in a tone -
one version living yet within
a rediscovered deity of ecstasy -
Pan, God of immortal sensuality.
Living still within a feel
of unconquered sensitivity.
Please come alive again within
these worlds that seem to spin
themselves to life yet once again
and yet not quite, without you here.

For your height requires
a broad expansiveness;
as particle by particle
weíre hurled again through realms
invisible to mortal eyes alone.
But still, our souls insist
on your deliverance from pain;
even as this painís sensation
at last finds a pure relief
within the depth and height
of the call of your unaltered ecstasy.

Unfolding once again at last
into a purity of cellular sensation.
Reaching out to move again
across these waves of new
yet never known before release -
of electronic nuance speaking out
within these forms that seek
no more than just their utterance.

In and of this source of your deliverance
from all that we once knew as pain -
for all that once felt stuck begins
to move again in fields
of your eternal energy.
Expounding in resounding ecstasy.
Stemming once again from deep within;
where the source of all divinity begins . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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