Element of Air

Elemental magic
invisible, this air
in its becoming
source and sustenance
of every breath we take

Air, the carrier
of each vibration
and thus of e'en sensation
while every ray of light
corresponds in winged flight
of a source so little understood

that feeling seems to flood
into a mind as mood
yet as with air
we can't quite understand
the flow and stream
of this most intimate relation
to it all
even as we feel vibrations
that move to change
and rearrange this course -
the very path of our ascension

Each form, each shape
this body that we are
symbolic in imagining
as from a base
pure consciousness arises
living in each breath we breathe

while the deeper it goes
the higher we fly
far beyond a mind's congruity
for here we reach the realm of soul
and all that is becoming whole
is as one with all we know

Inhalation, exhalation
turning now to exultation
as the very source of creativity
is given reign
and so we gain another realm
another level of awareness

and then we seek to find
another of our kind
that knows beyond a doubt
the feel of flying free
where just to be
is all there is
for once we're free
the joy of flight in unison
becomes the very ecstasy
of life in form

for when we fly in unity
through skies so bright
heart and love become a light
glowing, ever growing
singing in each rhythmed beat
of feathered wings that soar above
and yet within this mass of our humanity

here, just in between
the eagles and the angels
between the instinct and the angles
where curvature becomes
a soaring glide
and effortless
we reach beyond the peaks
of even mountains' reach
becoming one
with stars and sun
and all that is

Elemental magic
airy and enticing
found always in
the very air we breathe


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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