The Elixir

To drink the beauty of your beloved form,
to hold your hand and be reborn
to kiss your cheek, to touch your knee,
and revel in the feel of thee...

so real, to touch what once was touched by you
so warm, the residue of energy imbued
The living essence, feeling of
the one I've come to love…

Even as we wonder, as all new lovers do
will you be good enough for me, and I enough for you
deep inside the love wells up
and drinking from the golden cup

reality is born anew
we are among the very few
blessed by angel's looking over
lovers in a field of clover

Just one look into the eyes, one touch of hand on thine
one close embrace as galaxies entwine
lovely, flowing, simple, free
as is my love for thee

There is nothing that can stop
this dream's reality becoming

I know this to be true
Trust in me, as I trust in you
This love will see us through and through

Seeing is loving is touching, complete
Loving, believing, lips touching cheek
Loved and Beloved, this feeling so new
yet I know beyond doubt that this loving is true

such extraordinary ecstasy
imagining with you
how high, how low, how wide, how deep
is loving from the higher view…

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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