The voice of soul can be
a warm and gentle breeze
yet it also is the storms
that rage within
to make a closed mind spin
into eternity

for the winds of time
are now aware
of this awakening
and wish to bring
emotive power to the light
of all and everything

So soul will also be
the pain you feel
when in doubt you reel about
your self-enclosure

yet the door is there
the lock unlocked
and you are free to leave
and find that all the make-believe
is real

for spirit freed
will fly upon the winds
ascend and then descend
in graceful harmony
with all that is

the gentle breeze
the storms that freeze
as each experience
becomes another part
of who you are

in truth of depth and height
embodied in the light
of shadow's form


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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