Scented Grace
 Second Son
 Divinity of Earth
 Silent Smile
 Love's Deliverance
 Now Is the Time
 Never Too Late
 Manic Depressive
 Sword of Justice
 Reality's Illusion
 Critical Juncture
 Natural Innocence
 For Me
 Of His Soul
Your Belief
 Found Only at the End
 Deeper Meaning
 A Journey
 Ask Her
 Seeking Expression
 My True Friend
 Right Now
 Consistent Opposition
 To Love Anew
 To Live Again
 One Eternal Moment
 In Sync
 The Depths
 Quiet Descends
 Word of a Sage
Stationary Wave
 Eternity of Mind
 The Depth of Life
 Levels of Existence
 Silence of the Night
Soul Is Free
 In the Flight
 Trip To Heaven
 A Sigh Escapes
 An Open Heart
Expression of Soul
 Empty Air
 What Might Be
Touch of Air
 Misty Dreams


 Light of Heart
 Youth Unspent
 Pockets of Pain
 Just the Tip
 Sense of Presence
 To Take a Stand
 Turn About
 To Find
 Breaking In
 To Speak the Words
 Childhood Heart
 One Other Heart
 Just Like the Breeze
 In Base Reality
 Links and Relationships
 One True Heart
 Birth of Wisdom
 Living Entity
 Meant To Be
 At the Beginning
 The Walk
 Base Emotion
 Will We Sing?
 Spirit Become Form
 Dreams Made Real
 Beyond the Mists
 Eternal Image
 Return of Self
 Magic and Memories
 In Silence Seeking
 Basis of One
 Becoming Real
 Altered Action
 Past the Past
 Seed of Character
 Too Cold
 Blessed Solitude
New Moon
 A Newfound Friend
 Flight Into Forever
 Lost Within the Whole
Destination Unknown
 Sound of Soul
Within This Night
 Beyond All Time
 Fright or Flight
 Eternity Is Found
 Spirit Rides
 Edge of a Cloud
 Voices Wise
Illusive Shadows
 Beyond Analysis
 Still Seeking
 Point of View
 Into Our Innocence
 Of Recall
 The Entrepreneur
 Under the Hood
 This Fear
 Future's Call
 Your Return
 Pure Poetry in Motion
 Almost Savage
 Within His Dreams
 Where You Are Tonight
 Infinite Embrace
 The Life of Time
 To the Core
 In Waves
 Fields of Release
 Crystal Energy
 Treasure Hunt
 Come to Know
 Scent of Roses
 Belief Unbound
 To Love
 Unbidden Memories
 Everlasting Tapestry
 On the Tides
 Underworld of Day
 Letting Go
 Voice of Soul
 Lost and Found
 Rainbow's Arc
 The One
 Sweet Relief
 To Lead Us Home
 The World Sleeps
Sand Castles
 Lost Immortality
 Born Again
 Breath of Air
 Echo of Feeling
 Flow of Form
The Source
Planes of Existence
 Upon a Dare
 Of You

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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