Emotive Mystery

What mystery emotions bring
as invisible, it plays upon us all
moving us within sensation
from passions' lust to love's elation
and rising further still
to heights that seem to bring
the ecstasy of awe into awareness
and then again the fall
as spirit made aware
sinks slowly through the depths
of mattered form

Can we contain it all?
Should we even try?
Even the weary and the wise
seldom find the strength
to voice the feel of life
that moves us all
and bring it to a point
of transformation

Yet emotion moves
no matter what we will
through channels
of the systems that we are
sometimes explosively
gathering in a will beyond our own
insisting just to be
a flow within the greater waves
of life evolving

I look to nature
for an answer to it all
and sift and lift through
eons of her life
for earth brought us to birth
creating us within these forms
that seek to become
a feel of quality and worth
and scenes, inspiring, come to my aid

The glory of a winter day
sun glistening on peaks
of piled snow
and there I feel the cold
that blankets to protect
the tiny seeds beneath
so vulnerable in their beginning
from winds and tides of air
that seek to take their very lives
and freeze them
in unanimated motion
to become no more than
dead and lifeless specimens
that some other-worldly zen
might deify

Just then the spring
in silent songs of glory
finds the tone that tames
each frozen heart
and the sun joins in to do its part
as the heat of opposition meets
in a moment of surrender
arising from the heart of darkened matter
descending from the heights of sun on high
and thunder fills the skies
as threatening, the darkness of the clouds
seems to envelope everything
and brood within
a moment of pure silence
just before the storm
envelopes everything
the density of moisture flowing
blowing with the wind
that once again joins in this interplay
Wind that speaks
but who is it that listens?

while at that very point
where high and low have come to meet
within an earthen incubation
a miracle is taking yet another form
as seeds that seemed forlorn
within the cold and icy storms
find that warmth revives their will to grow
their need to know
and so they seek within this glowing glory
of earth and sun at one
to be, just simply be
a moment of pure energy in movement
that at its height may come to be
the texture and the tone
and e'en the very taste of grace
of form, yet even more
still more than this somehow
and life moves on

into seemingly unending days
of summer's magic sway
Slow and sometimes lazy
moist and often hazy
and then again a simple clarity
of sun on high in skies so blue
it takes our breathe away
while life abounds
within the sight and sound and taste
of nature's great abundance
and oh, the scent of flowers
that now bloom in their becoming
something other than they were

while through all this
these nights and days
of sun and earthen interplay
live within the dark and light
of ever-moving flows of energy

When slowly, yet so swiftly too
the unity of high and low
begins to break apart yet once again
to ponder the insouciance
of their summer days of play
while the energy of this great union
starts to dissipate
yet even in its dissipation, look!
in gold and crimson, leaves become
a glory and an adoration
of that moment
when the high was made to fall
and the low arise to meet
just here, within the middle of it all
and seeds begin to fall
within these zones of earth's protection
seeking safety in the womb
of a larger world's incubation
while within a silent breeze
a sense of comfort and life's satiation
glides within the greater tides
of life yet once again
bringing clouds and wind and rain
to vocalize this life's refrain

and here we stand
just in between it all
the cold and heat
the earth and sky
the low and high
of life's completion
and wonder why
these flows of life
that fill eternity
come to us and move through us
seeking our expression
of the wonder of it all

Shall we silence this
these flows of energy
even as we deem them right or wrong?
Have we the right
to judge their life or death?
Can one and one alone
within a silent world
of solitary empathy
find the voice to speak
intoning at its peak
the vast perfection of it all?

as spirit falls
deeper and still deeper yet
into these forms of flesh
and soul arises
seeking to express just this
the love that's found
right at the core
of all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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