Emotive Transformation

Rage, oh rage,
expounding depth of being,
ever freeing all that is most vulnerable
into a state of utter being;
living high beyond all violence,
in secret spaces that resound
through silence that is only found
within the deepest darkness of the night.

While stars, oh constellations glowing,
spread harmony in tones of dreams,
bringing golden streams of gentle light
to bear upon all thought encased
in cages made of glossy gossamer,
as soul wings its way through realms
of an inutterable delight.

Within a loving power so divine
it moves itself
within a simple tone of derivation;
speaking words that lie
beneath the deeps of definition,
uttering a lullaby of ecstasy.

For angels wake just as we sleep
to lift all that is deep to heaven's heights,
even as those Northern lights display
advancement in each dawning day
that leads us cyclically
to spring's arrival.

Where in clarity, a scent of sage
reveals pleasure sleeping within pain
while all that's lost becomes a gain
that plays in pure delight of our sensation
becoming, in this instant, revelation
for all we are becomes deliverance
within a sense of coming home
that transforms itself within each touch
of sweet infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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