Enchantment and Emotion

The well of life bursts forth
as a cold wind blows down from the north
and a myriad of entities rush out
of the void composed of doubt

seeking air that's clear and pure
seeking life that will endure
as air dissolves the mass of density
that blocked their path of destiny

so that, finally free of all restraint
beyond the blockage of complaint
drifting, floating, soaring, sighing
as they were meant to be, free-flying

evolving, changing, rearranging
joining, parting, escalating
unity within the form
of feeling ever being born

But from what source
these entities?
what dark and silent course
contained them so entirely?

that their existence was unknown
yet now that they are grown
beauty can be born with ease
to flow within the air we breathe

What enchantment keeps them strong.?
What channels do they flow along?
interweaving all that was the past
into a tapestry so vast

we seem to lose our way
in each and every interplay
unable to tell inner from the out
or track their movement without doubt

as feelings play an endless game
within these mortal frames
until at last
a spell is cast

as in a metered rhythm, rhyme
words are chanted within time
that rise throughout the realms beyond
the mists that cover sacred pond

and this our senses comprehend
that as the spell comes to an end
mystical and magical it sings
we lose our inhibitions as it brings

the heart, the soul, the body, mind
into a harmony to find
confusion fades into a mist
as if an angel gently kissed

a spirit newly born
within the cells of mortal form
and a dreamlike state now overtakes
the mind while still awake

that eyes once blind might finally see
the meaning of all unity
reflecting every truth
as innocence and youth

in mirrored vision, starburst in the skies
reflecting love within each other's eyes
and we feel this love expanding out
releasing every fear and doubt

fueling such sweet desire
heart's ember now becomes a fire
as entities once lost, alone
discover the feel of coming home

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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