I keep my distance, waiting there
observing as a bright soul dared
to challenge both the best and worst
to feed the hunger, drench the thirst

I stand in stillness on the grass
observing flow as feelings pass
through the center of my very being
I feel a touch so tender, freeing

Tentative, yet sure and strong
steady as it moves along
tempting me to now divulge
my being to the world at large

Defense rises, strong resistance
I back away from his assistance
to stand alone again in time
as I hear a church bell chime…

And I find myself in mortal form
while words beyond the norm
stream into the realm of matter
as defense starts to shatter

Hurled beyond the plane of time
emotions’ movement becomes rhyme
and rhythm of the earth in motion
as feelings born in locomotion

confuse the ordered inner place
while chaos reigns to now erase
every pre-formed pattern found
within the staid defensive round

but looking round, a point of light
enters vision’s field
approaching slowly, ever bright
I seek for sword to wield

against this unknown entity
but here within infinity
defensive gestures disappear
as another mind draws near

and there amid the loss stands one
man like a mountain, anchored, strong
offering to take my hand
to lead me through mind's distant lands

and just as fear would overwhelm
my soul in search of home
the touch of his still mind is felt
and fear begins to melt…


Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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