Endless Need

Primal depths, emotion screaming
overcoming sensitivity;
powering hours of,
great destructive tendencies
that bleed their way into the day
in rhythms that a mind can't compromise.

Heart on the rise, it beats itself
so loudly into life,
that everything becomes a primacy,
instinctual in its unending repetition;
obliterating all cognition in
in waves of oceanic energy.

That move right through the past
of what once was,
exploding into futures
never meant to be at all;
yet still we fall - so far, so fast
the last we see becomes a point
of somewhere in between
the end of all beginnings;

But now beyond our want or will
embezzling all self control,
for soul is screaming desperately
for its release into a time and space
it never knew before;
echoing from primal depths
in tones of pure, unaltered form
that free themselves within a rush;
feeling endless need upon a path
that takes them home again at last

As endless need
at last unfold into
one moment of
pure satisfaction . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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