Endless Seas

Sorrow dwells
where sparrows dare not go
for their song cannot be sung
as these memories
are made undone

pain rises and recedes
like tides that must move
by the stages of the moon
and a thought of unknown deity
that seeks release

I thought I'd put the past away
and gotten past those gloomy days
but then the past arose anew
played, perhaps, in different tunes
yet still the feelings come
of all the love
that somehow had been left undone

by one who thought the other
could never be enough for him
when naught but doubt accosted
in images of such extremity
that confusion reigned supreme
yet once again

and all the strength I'd gathered
from the depth of heart
just seemed to shatter
into bits and pieces once again

Now I just can't help but wonder
what it is that others see in me
or why it is I open
just when I really ought to close
to keep the pain at bay

These tears no longer heal
for once again
they seem to be
the tears of all humanity

lost upon a building wave
that simply can't be tamed
moving ever further
from the magic of the heart

and who am I, but only one?
whose melody seems lost upon
the ever-moving
endless seas of love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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