End of Day

You love me, you say
yet at the end of each day
you sleep in someone else's bed
and on waking
just repeat the dread
of habits' patterns

Is it really love
or merely just a thrill
you're looking for?

I open my heart
and demons enter in
while no matter exorcist
or exorcism
this demon clings
and always brings
my heart's demise

Shall I try yet one more time?
How many then
before this life is done?

Shall I reach for stars
and touch the sky
and travel, as if magic
there to you?

And if I do
what difference
will it really make
at all?

for at the end of each day
your home remains
so far away
that again I sleep alone
and spirits roam the night

seeking to displace this love
with beams of dazzling light
white so bright
it burns the eyes
until the truth is seen

and truth remains
just out of reach
right at the level of each cell
that doesn't care to dwell alone
not any more

for it has been too long
since I have found
a man who loved me
true enough to want to spend
his days and nights with me
not just in some fantasy

but here where loving arms
can supercede
whatever harm is done
to one as sensitive
as me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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