Some brag about enlightenment
as if their soul were heaven-bent
and somehow up above the rest
while still they fail the test

of bringing light into reality
where everyone might know and see
the grace that can be born
within the form of matter

as if their mind could shatter
what the source of all that is retains
and still their soul remains
imprisoned in their attitudes

clinging to the many moods
that stop the magic interplay
of soul to soul in light of day
creating words but not the form

of symbols being born
that speak in visions of the whole
even when the deepest feelings stole
belief away

and bled into their hearts
a feel of warmth
within their center's storm
embellishing a calm they never knew
and seek to find again, but then
where does it go?

This Light . . .
exploding first within the mind
exquisite brilliance beyond time
when the soul is first exposed
to all that is

blinding until eyes are closed
and learn to just reflect
the numinous effect
of a moment of experience
when time and space and sense

and they call just this
one moment of pure bliss
enlightenment - as if one glimpse
could heal all the wounds imposed
upon a heart now closed

but will they ever find
a way to let this light of soul
settle in the very cells
of their reality

or will they settle for mere thought?
while they play the roles they learned
so long ago
in the innocence of their unknowing

for if the light remains unborn
these merely mortal forms
remain in shadows born
of light's reality


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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