Caught within a magic spell
of loving, caring touch
Enraptured by the feel of you
One word can mean so much

Enchanting moments
spent now under covers
that are woven of an artist's careful weave
and so a spell of love is cast
at first like gossamer upon the wind
that scents the air with strokes
in the most delicate of scents
that ever earth and air and sun imagined

Soothing tones entice all care away
and cells begin to tingle, come alive
in ways they never knew
themselves to be before
when sultry, this humidity
begins to rise and fall
breathing in and out
within a loving synchronicity

for friends may share
a care, a thought, a laugh
and even secrets
sometimes whispered in the dark
but this, my love, goes deeper still
as patiently we wait
for one great moment of conjunction

when worlds will align
within a power of Love
that moves and breathes
all life into formation
while new stars are being born
as rays of sun surround
and continue to astound
the very nature of our privacy

still all we ever need to do is be
just be ourselves in our entirety
for Love is truly unconditioned
growing even as we set it free
circling round, returning
to each and every heart
in need of an assurance of existence

So, all is well, my dear
your secret's safe with me
as upon my heart
you're etched in loving memories
that never can be lost
but surely can be found to be
at one base level of reality

for hearts around the world
are opening now
in universal co-existence
and are moved by this existence
of an entity now come to live in form

while ever souls are being born
enraptured by the feel
of Love in motion . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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