Epiphany of Bliss

Epiphany - and bliss awakens
the ivy covered gates are opening
into a realm beyond imagining
where colors swirl in living mist
and lips are gently kissed by one who loves

Truly and completely they embrace
beyond the darkness gathering
all space into itself
as all that's known implodes upon itself
opening to everything that is

And then the bliss
epiphany expanding
for spirit is demanding just to be
and in its being
free them all from every separation
within its declaration of divinity

While all the crazy poets
that have dared to die and be reborn
stand hand in hand and heart to heart
for at last they have transcended
every mood and attitude

Familial, they reach and touch
and find another there
for they have cared
beyond the limits of all mind
hearts opening and closing
to the wicked and the wise

They touch and all awareness comes alive
thriving in this every-changing tapestry
that dreams the night into awakening
to this epiphany of bliss
that never ends . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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