Eros and Psyche

A God
who chooses mortal form
for love's expression
but does he understand
the pain he brings to life?

In realms invisible
yet oh so real
as he joins the feminine
and finds the will and form
of all creation
within a womb so dark and moist
in a system that seems alien
to all he is

Yet his passion draws him down
yet again to mortal form
to experience the ecstasy
that only flesh can bring

He plants his seed
in his seeming opposite
then leaves her all alone
to find a way to climb
to heaven's door

While he flees to where?
Ah, his mother's arms
to heal one small and burning pain
for him

Then what of the greater pain
he has imposed upon
the one he claims to love
as she suffers all for him
alone within the greater womb
of world and mattered form?


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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