I am
we are
and there - a star
burns brighter just because
we've come to be

 Awe of Creativity
We Are Free
 And She Was There
 Do You...?
 She Loves
 Come To See
 Become a Song
 Of Innocence
 Opening To Soul
 Sweet Sparrows
 The Sparrow Sings
 Being Born
 Strawberry Enchantment
 A Bite of Life
 Self Love
 The Universe and You
 Eternal Indecision
 Jeweled Center
 Universal Perspective
 How High?
 The Rebel
 The Inner Essence
 To Live the Dream
 Most Personal
 Totality Flowing
 Rising Need
Just One
 Meant to Be
Through Us
 Dare To Be
 One Moment
I Can
Visions of the Night
To Burn
 Bare Feet
 For What I Care
 And Yet
 A Prayer for Us...
 One Perfect Love
 Unraveling Illusions
 Black Velvet
 Critical Mass
Dance of Completion
 The Path
 Sun on Skin
 For Them
Joy Becoming
 Essence of Creation
 The Children
 Landscape of Light 
 Love Beyond Desire
 Truth of One
 A Morning's Glory
Universal Movement
 Creative Spark
 Explosion of Light
One Lone Seagull
 Contained Enclosure
 The Gift
 To Find Perfection
 The Music of Life
In Belief
The Silence Speaks
 The Stream
 Liquid Love
 The Sound of Light
 Path of Destiny
 Woven Form
An Altered Space
 Flesh and Fantasy
To Live Infinity
Airy Heights
 A Loving Attitude
 Wander Lust
 Sing Sweetly
 Let Us Heal
 Rising of a Memory
 Just To Be
 Purest Destination
 To Utter Being
 Eternal Flame
 Drifting Back In Time
 Sky Blue and Red
 Can Do
 Who We Are
 My Turn Now
 A Mirror Image
 This Silence
 Only One
 I Am
 The Center
 Precious One
 Just the Feel
 Inward Bound
 Bits and Pieces
In Jeopardy
 The Best of Me
 Set Free
 The Edge
 What Is
 The Only Moment
 Through All
 Gray Skies
 We Have a Right
 Darkness Speaks
 A Child's First Kiss
 Touching Base
 I Need
 The Greatest Healing
 Heart of Existence
 Softest Light
 All That Matters
The Difference
Star of Grace
 Spirit Calling
Heaven Responds
 Love Beyond Emotion
Echoes of the Light
 The Ultimate Challenge
Energy's Movement 
Point of Light
 Awakening to Soul
 He Came To Me
 The Power of Touch
 Touch of Reiki
The Wisdom of Age
Quiet Moments
 Voice of Authority
 An Unknown Answer
 Hidden Image
Back To Love
It Is
 To Be Me
 The Urge
 Touch Me Now
 Flight of Essence
 Ask Your Heart
 Constant Alteration
 One Particle
 Erstwhile Twin
 Eternal Flame
 From Within
 Rarity of Form
 Primacy of Life
 Into Us
 Angel in Your Eyes
 All That Is Within
 Come True
 Bit by Bit
 Undirected Nothingness
 Jeweled Tears
 Unknown Reaches
 Is There a Difference?
 Just Itself
 Prayer of Thanksgiving
 Friday Night
A Breath of Air
 This Is Who We Are
Into Ourselves
 Unseen Form
 Beginning and End
Within the Morn
 To Be Aware
 Know Yourself
 Can We...?
 Can It Be...?
I Love
 And You
 Room to Breath
 Primal Power
Because We Dare
 To Fly Again
Childhood Nights
 Calm Night
Coming Into Being
This Moment
Coming Home
Grace of Form
 Within the Night
Phoenix Rising
 Mist of Light
 The Power
 The Very Best
  Follow Your Bliss
 Infinite Form
 The Voice
 The Deeper Need
 Illusive Fate
 The Last Defense
 Opposites Relating
  The Way

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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