Essential Flow

And she lets go now
even this
every concept of eternal bliss
that just one simple word
has brought to bear

even as she looses love
to fly in freedom in its flows
through the skies
as all that is is breathed
just simply, deeply breathed
by the known contemporary
of the ever-all of future being born

and he brings to her
such seeds of power
that she wavers trying
to contain it all
as his counsel enters in
yet once again, so real
so very real, this touch

guiding her
to just transcend it all
and be, just simply be
in all the glory of her form
within his slow, sure clarity
of motion

as he begins to take
her all back in
within this bliss
of just one kiss
becoming both immortal
while rooted in all form

in a field now created
in this flowering of love
in two who still believe
that all that is most magical
lies beyond all warring
mind's imagination

and she finds herself
much less and more
than what they call victorious
while she settles simply
here within reality of form

even as he guards her now
within this moment of pure solitude
both accepting and rejecting
all that is
yet somehow now contained
in those other worlds of in between

to free them both
in one to all and back again
and live this dream
of life in chosen form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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