Essential Form

Time and time again we are reborn
as energy rungs through these mortal forms
changing every particle
while somehow deep inside
we stay the same

for some essential character remains
forever guiding motion in its course
as particles are turned again
to our essential form

While movement stirs
and patterns change
motion tingling at the base
altering the time and space
in which we live

and these patterns that we are redeem
all that would seem too extreme
within the weaves of being
that compose the songs we sing

as energy is magnetized
pulled into the center
of this mighty maelstrom
and life again flows free
while energy that longs to be
takes form

for all that we discard
seeks an other to be known
in its essential form
and miracles are born
of what we're not

as life in all its beauty
is finally realized
because we take the time
to just let go into the flow
of life evolving


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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