Eternal Love

True love is eternal
beyond our mortal form
its feel is supernal
a new world is born

in letting go of even love
that everlasting feeling of
the grace of heaven now bestowing
joy within the soft light glowing

A feeling that cannot be owned
appearing from the great unknown
Embrace the magic, let it sing
accept the awe that it will bring

Act on intuition's voice
receive the love, you have a choice
then let it go and watch it grow
marvel at the cyclic flow

of magic building all around
as silence sings the sweetest song
of praise to honor all existence
Ask and you will find assistance

from a source beyond all time
that lives within the higher climbs
but dies in dogma minus love
Open to the world of

a love that grows in freedom's wake
giving, know your right to take
what divinity has offered all
we climb, we soar, we fall

Death-defying, then we find
the courage to repeat the climb
to the top of the mountain, the peak of being
to catch a thermal, to soar while freeing

spirit.  Find the rapture of
the sense of this eternal love

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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