Eternal Discovery

Inspired beyond imagining
by the beauty and the symmetry
of life in motion
as a stark, eternal landscape
reveals itself within the realm
of limited sensation

awakening yet once again
the awe of childhood's pure imagination
found within the maturation
of a quality of innocence

and within the afterglow
of the peak of such experience
we find that all we think we know
is somehow incomplete

for there are volumes left unspoken
never formed into coherent thought
or brought to fore or focus
of the ordering of mind

and shapes and colors never used
left hanging in the possibility of form
in a realm of pure potential
arising from a core we can't quite grasp
crumbling within the grasp of force

Yet still, arising in the feel
of this eternity of form revealed
lies the essence of all life
discovering itself eternally
awaiting just one voice to speak
one had to sculpt, one brush to paint
one body that dares dance or sing
a work of art

an ever growing body of all soul
that brings the many colors
and moves the many tones
into a living tapestry
to make it real


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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