Eternally Beginning

We reach for truth
and find ourselves ascending
to unimagined climbs of high desire
rising from the depths
of every abyss ever known
and never understood

Come now with me, my love
and we shall fly as one
through hues of swirling energy
within unending hues of velvet skies
forever circling round
and back again

So easy, this hardness
so awesome, the time and the space
that seem to lie between the yes and no
between the here and there
and so between we two

and yet we kiss - one kiss
and bliss becomes
a verity, eternally beginning
in a circle of love everlasting
spiraling in and out and through
as fields of ecstasy
come alive within reality

I offer you
this hand that loves you so
and these lips that open
at the sight of thee
smiling delightfully

in sips of satin softness
that beckon me
to touch again
and then again
forever more
this feel of love
in its entirely . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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