Eternity of Form

A ball, a sphere, a subtle shift
white light emerging everywhere
soft diffusion of a glow
that speaks of spirit and of soul
breathe slow and deep
and watch it grow
dissolving all you used to know

Drift then, safe and warm
within its circle of protection
and allow your intuition to join in
for the world is full of magic
while the key is in the way it spins
in and out of our perception

yet keep yourself in balance and aware
as you watch the whirlwinds pass by
becoming as calm
as the eye of the storm
even as the others war and play

Still, come to know the sound
of purest silence
where angels sing the sweetest harmony
Reach out into the dawning light
and know each dawn a symphony

Catch the subtle starlit glow
that dares its way through deepest dark
and dance within a faery ring
just when the moon is at its height
reflecting all reflections of
the sunbeam's utter love
of all that's dark

Then sleep, oh sweet release impending
upending every thought within one dream
of silky streams meandering between
the flows of memory and what can be
finding one pure sense of utter ecstasy
beheld and ever growing
within these realms becoming
the unknowing of what's come before

Then step, just one more step
one subtle shift of consciousness
and enter to eternity of form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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