Everlasting Moisture

Staccato rhythm beating now
upon my window pain
What does it hope to gain
in this arousal?

if not a focus of attention
that might make its expression
yet more real than sound alone
can ever be
before it merges with the ground
and flows again in Her entirety

This dance of life
can sometimes seem
unending in its vast refrain
that moves too quickly
for a mortal mind to frame

yet if desire alone were free to flow
could we ever reach a balance
and centered now
can mankind finally reach
the middle ground of heart?

From here the beauty seems to grow
entering and leaving
closing just to open yet again
as if a red, red rose in spring
were ever blossoming

yet even the rose
needs moisture to grow
in spring the most of all
when every seed cries out in need
of Her everlasting moisture


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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