Everlasting Tapestry

The tapestry of life is never-ending
seen from a point so deep within
that time and space just disappear
as awareness drawing near
awakens consciousness
within its greater view

We yearn for deeper meaning
beyond the every day of mere survival
and all the while it's here
within this atmosphere
of earth's creation

where sensation proves all points
of fact and fanciful illusion
for here within the feel
are dreams made real

Hush now, hear the silence speak
upon the towering peaks
of mountains rising
It speaks in the sensations of
an overpowering love of life in time

where patterns of a mind
become the feel of all that's real
uniting and dividing
blending in the rhythm of each breeze
flowing through the patterns
of this everlasting tapestry of life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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