Every Change

We are each a parent and a child
as we walk the miles of our life
into a future always calling out
getting lost within a base
of unresponsiveness
and who can move
when stuck in such a groove?

Held to be responsible
yet seemingly without authority
to change a living thing
other than what dwells inside ourselves
centered at the core, and more
the source of every life
lived in an entirety of being

when miracle of miracles
the world all about responds
just as we break the bonds
of what we thought we knew
letting go within a glide
at last in form of spirit flying free

for soul responds
to every change we undertake
and every chance we dare to make
within the living tapestry of life
as threads are newly woven
affecting even universal tapestries

just then the wind itself will whisper
of the mystery entailed within
the deeper meaning of all being
responding to the core
of life itself . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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