The sun upon the distant peaks reveals
the joy of love becoming real
as soul somehow transcends
this night that never seems to end

and brings us to a moment of
complete and utter love
while stars become a memory
of shadows that must flee

from the power of the sun on high
and the depth of blue within the sky
reveals the whole
of every soul

in moments of
a pure and ever-changing love
that seeks no more than that we grow
within it's ever vibrant glow

and the sun and moon will shine
at once upon the heart that finds
a love unending and complete
that dares the now evolving feat

of love, insane, yet so complete
as answers flow, in feelings sweet
while time and space just melt away
and the essence of it all betrays

our staid and stuck beliefs
while discovering the thief
of innocence grown old
is conquered by the bold
and young of heart


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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