Expanding Perception

People come and people go
Moods swing inside us
to and through
these multi-varied
formed relationships

but were they meant to be
forever in a glance
that binds us in a game
of forced and formal interplay
for all our lives?

For this, within itself
can change the love we felt
into every other feeling
of confusion and of opposition
that begins to form within
this hand we're dealt

We seek for safety
and for surety
even while we know
that life itself
is mutability incarnate

for even this
our very flesh
reforms itself entirely
time and time again
as life goes on

so too, with life's experience
as moment by moment
we learn to perceive
more and more of the entirety
stemming from a source

beyond and yet somehow within
the heart and mind and soul
of these ever-changing forms
we've come to call humanity


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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