Experienced Exposure

Can we come to love another
before we've come
to learn to love ourself
and all that's been defined
as good or bad that lies within?

Can we then make ourselves complete
by uniting with another
that seems to hold
the very character we lack?

The quandary seems to be just this
love that rises in the mists
of our unknowing
seeking to become itself complete
aware of life through the awareness
that we come to be
as we allow for love's inclusion
in the dreams we dream
and schemes we scheme
for the sake of life's continuance

Yet so many seek to separate
to hold and to control
every shadow found within
each beam of light expanding
not yet understanding
that this light could not exist
without its counterpart

Then is life itself no more
than the darkness
of each mattered cell of flesh?
Shall we seek darkness
with the light of mind
only for the sake of power
that holds and then controls
the threads of who we are?

or can we take the brightness
of our ever seeking mind
and step it down
just bit by bit
until this light
that burns too bright
to live without the darkness
becomes a soft and glowing round
of cells that pulse with life's desire

when cell by cell
this flesh becomes
the softest hues of ecstasy
that every seeker seeks
upon this road to soul's enlightenment
when we can truly come
to love another
just as ourselves
complete within unique
experiences of exposure . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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