A hush of unexpected wonder
arises in the night
blanketing the world in splendor
of visions shining bright

as extraordinary realms of sublimation
reach the forefront of the mind
as if the source of all creation
took form before our very eyes

and moved in ways it never moved before
filling empty space with living energy
whispering of secrets sought
through all eternity

Life lives itself
beyond our want or will
even there within the snow
that lies so still o'er frozen earth
glistening as light enhances
its silent solitude

singing in a voiceless harmony
becoming brilliant chords
this life will move
in silent, subdued hues
as starlight joins
the play of its existence

Ringing out and touching down
enhancing moods of quiet found
in depths of winter's storms
exposed within exposure
composed beyond enclosure

Hear the sound of snowflakes drifting
their movement changing shape and form
as within the deepest, darkest storm
the pain and glory of beginning
once again becomes a form

as we wait in stillness for the morn
when the dawning light of sun arises
setting life aglow
in sparkling diadems of light on snow

when even fire and moisture dance
in harmony within the wind
and earth itself ascends
as the base and the soprano
joining in the tenor's tone
to express itself in undiluted symmetry

before these very human minds
lose sight yet once again within belief
of time and space divided into increments
that only lessens all the splendor found

in nature and the life that's born
beyond mere human inclination
for the story of creation
cannot be controlled
by any point within its spontaneity

while disclosed within exposure
lies the mystery of mysteries
awaiting the expression of one voice
that makes the choice
to tell it all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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