Faery Wings

these realms of her consistency
as wings of gossamer
expand into reality
and she takes to flight
yet once again
over and above the land
of man's imagining

to a place where starlight sings
and aspens glow
so bright within the night
that the spirit of the earth
joins in this winged flight
and a simple harmony is spun
as night is falling gently o'er the land

Deep, this night
of dreams awakening
when moonbeams lead the way
to a more than cosmic interplay
of heart and mind and soul
that matters so much more somehow
than any gross, divisible reality

for within this interplay
every meaning underlying life in time
is brought to bear
upon those minds so unaware
of her subliminal effectiveness

as these high and mighty
low and spicy
feelings of sensation flow
as if at her command
and as she wishes and seh dreams
it seems the world becomes

gossamer beginning
silky threads of light
that bring about an interplay
of forces low and high and in between
that give this faery wings
to fly away . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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