Falling Free

I seek for you
across the waves
of airy heights
and distant space

Then dare the dive
of death-defying depths
where pure pleasure
crests another wave
of scintillating stress

but you're not there
nor anywhere I can conceive
for you are lost within
the twilight zone somewhere

Land of fear
and make-believe
where only daemons
can conceive
of anything at all

Realm of all mercurial
intimations of sensational
points of endings and beginnings
but without a human touch
what can we really be at all?

The flight
a solitary high
and then the dive
to find we're falling free
through waves of ecstasy
composed of space and flesh

Is it too much to ask
that just this once
we learn to land upon the grass
instead of crash
into the ground
of base reality?

Or is it that
within all falling free
the ground becomes the air
an we just rays of light
that penetrate the everywhere?

Here beyond
the twilit zones
of memory . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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