Falling Silently

Snowflakes falling silently
to mute the clash of numbed desensitivity
Incorporate beings speak to all humanity
as if the endless angels came to sing
a rhapsody of the unending rings
of pure and utter being

Listen, can you hear it fall . . . ?
somehow within a sense of stillness
floating gently all around
as it covers, somehow conquering
the groundedness we knew of earth
in her total sense of matter and of worth

To grow, in cycles spiraling
from a centered sense of gravity
that pulls itself, compacting particles
into a form so rare, so wonderful
it must become the birds that in a song of morn
must simply sing in flows of even icy inspiration
for air will flow in currents of amazing creativity
even through sub-zero atrophy of springtime growth

Yet seeds hibernate, awaiting nothing more
than a warmth of feelings flowing free
beneath the snow that falls so silently
in an unending ecstasy of uttered love
through the source of being and of life
and all that moves beyond mere mass
into a stream of dreams that sing
of gratitude in their deliverance
through forms of life expressing
love's unending rhapsody . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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