Feel of Flight

Turn and curve and feel the air
whispering through strands of hair
(or are those feathers
that we dare to grow?)
at first a dizzy feeling comes
within this letting go
but now we know the other side
is worth our pride's disintegration

Particles in waves will move
dancing now as we pass through
the aura of the universe we knew
but oh, the splendid view that opens out
just as we close our eyes and see
that the source of creativity
is found just here
within this floating free

where we can be our destiny
weaving wispy threads of light
into a multi-hued delight
until the light, the form, the flight
come to life in oceanic motion
and here within the salty air
the best of everything is still alive
for love lives in eternal splendor
ever streaming on within
this dream of life in form

then take a rest in pillowed splendor
lie with me upon that pastel cloud
as in stillness
we just watch it all pass by
the earth, the sun,
the moon , the stars
in galaxies of colored bars
as notes of music floating free
through hearts within a melody
that sings in angel voices
of ineffable, unending choices

First the turn and then the curve
no longer dizzy, feel the swerve
of moving streams of dreams
found only in the purity of air
composing spirits' altitude
within a glide that moves
just out of sync and out of bounds
within this dream
this feel of flight
where mystery resides . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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