Feel of Inspiration

An aural inspiration
phantasmagoric in its subtlety
as love arises to relieve
the stress of solitude
and solitary systems
while we research
the very networks of our life
seeking for the cause
and cure of strife

We thrive upon
such subtle energy
thrilling to the changes
only intimacy brings
as all our senses waken
to a living honesty
felt and known
yet seldom seen
for what it truly is

I sit here
wishing you were here
this waiting seems so hard for me
for I have waited now
at least forever and a day
to have you near
and so I fantasize
the touch, the feel
of all you are

Yet still, without your presence
every minute seems
the essence of eternity
for I would have
you here with me
but it seems I have no say
for the world gets in the way
of you and I

A winter chill is in the air tonight
and I need you here to hold me tight
to keep the cold away
when like a burning star within the night
you enter in
and the world starts to spin again
in sync with all that is
as love is freed
to finally have its time

in this feel of inspiration
that only comes when love
is home to stay . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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