The Feminine

She is the woman that never was
yet was always meant to be
who stands in silent strength because
the mind of man has set her free

Erudite, she leads the mind
on paths of newborn self-esteem
where mortal joined with soul will find
the strength of love that will redeem

the tension of the paradox found
in mortal sphere of passionís source
Now energy of love unbound
will fill the veins, will run the course

of every life, as part of whole
becomes complete within the flow
of loverís tale seldom told
as evolving species ever grows

to find the peace beneath the rage
in realm of tender feelings sown
from ancient into modern age
fulfilling void so long unknown

(no one can redeem man but himself)

? Michaelette ?

 Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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