Fields of Ecstasy

Let us meander once again
within these fields of ecstasy
and bring the power of love to bear
upon this very human race we lead

Let us touch in loving tenderness
this flesh that blesses even angels
in their quest to know experience
within a hunger, deep and strong

Oh, sweet desire of fire's heat
that keeps us ever present in this flesh
and dares to mesh all opposites
within a flow of love divine

that reaches for the height
and depth and width
of all infinity
to flow beyond all known
and knowing preaching of divinity

for She is there
to answer every prayer
in the flow of blood through flesh
and She still cares

enough to blend in tenderness
the all and everything
that this most awesome love will bring
to two who stand as one

undivided in the scheme of things
that simply cannot seem
to love themselves
enough to reach beyond

to meander once again
within these ultimate
and death-defying
fields of ecstasy . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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