Fields of Release

I follow just one ray of sun
to see if there
within the particles of waves
that are as one
I might find my way
back home yet once again

I open and become
a moving wave of energy
that never seems to quite complete
itself within a staid and static form
conceived within the norm of one alone

So I seek the greater atmosphere
of sun and sky
and stars that shine on high
past mountains reaching for the sun
that become no more nor less
than this deep and earthly
earthen pattern of desire
to come home

Where have they gone?
those days of endless youth
when the zeal of heart
and earthen flesh
would naturally intermesh
within the greater whole
of universal rounds

What tricks were played
upon, within our minds
to bring us to this double blind
that cannot seem to see
the past and future
seeking to become just one

one moment
one entirety
a center point
that might conceive
of even the periphery
of all that is

yet herein lies the blind
within a human mind
for truly, there can never be
a center or periphery
to all that is

and at this very point
of seeming nothingness
life in all its splendor opens out
in fields of release
to come to know the whole
as more yet less than any thing
a mind seeks to express
in just one form

be it the earth
in all her splendor
or galaxies as yet unborn
while it is here
just here
that just one form
may finally find the energy
to be, just be

as one with the entirety
of life evolving
and love revolving and responding
even in the fear of the unknown
to each relationship
that is the essence
of a heart's desire
to know, to feel, to be
the feel of home . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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