Final Kiss

Come and run away with me
to lands beyond the pain
where in the mist of morning dew
we love

Gently press your lips on mine
as mouths meet we will find
the trill of birdsong
running up our spines

A squirrel scampers up a tree
to store the food he's found
for some cold and icy winter day
while you and I allow the morning chill
to thrill the senses
as gently, firmly, we caress
each other's flesh

An owl hoots, a sparrow sings
crickets chirp and songs will ring
across the land
all speaking now of summer's end
as we hold each other, desperately
knowing nothing lasts
remembering the past
of pain we lived

and then we give
one final kiss
and say good-bye
never even asking why
it had to end


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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