Finish Line

We need to finish this
tonight, right now
this battle of the sexes
gendered only in
the composition of a mind
that knows no more
than opposition

but there is no victim here
nor is there one who victimizes
then how, my friend
can there ever be
a victor or a victory?

and following from this
how can there be?
a martyr or the martyrdom
that so many still conceive
as this reality of form

yet still, these blind beliefs
live on within a myth
that seeks to end it all
the bliss and all the blessing
of this life we know as form

And what, pray tell
can one form's crucifixion
really mean?
if not a reaching for the center
of this very form we live
and once, just once
arriving there
to finally feel the energy
flowing free within
and then between
each heart and soul

yet still, the crowd conceives
of every moment held within
these blind beliefs of our imprisonment
that say that death must conquer all
and lead us to some heaven's door
that sought, has yet to come alive in us
or in the greater round of life itself
the heaven of this mortal form
that might at last be brought
right to the ground of our existence
if only we can come to find
an other form of life
that realizes love and quality

and within this love
still seeks to live its quality
that will flow with us
to and through the base
of life itself

and so I seek
and still I reach
even as the form of he
begins to take his form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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